Blanchard Management Essentials

The Fundamental Skills for Every Manager

Help your new managers develop the skills they need to step confidently into their new roles with Blanchard Management Essentials. Based on one of Ken Blanchard’s best-selling business books, The New One Minute Manager, the course covers the foundational skills that generate positive communications, improve morale, and increase productivity. The ideal manager inspires employees, leads productive teams, and improves business performance. Many managers struggle in their jobs, relying on ill-suited behaviors and instincts that erode morale, quash productivity and lead to high turnover.

Utilizing 40 years of experience to create a transformational leadership training program for new managers and those who need to refresh essential skills:

Blanchard Management Essentials gives managers the necessary tools and training to become leaders who create engaged, productive teams and drive greater results for your organization.

Set Your Managers Up For Success:

  • Create Success Fast
  • Move Direct Reports Forward on Goals
  • Power Up Your Teams
  • Develop Future Leaders