The Skilled Presenter

From the boardroom to the auditorium and everything in between,
THE SKILLED PRESENTER    ensures you’re up to the task!

The Skilled Presenter™ this two-day presentation skills workshop will equip you with the tools to manage stress, tailor to your audience, and deliver clear, memorable presentations.

Online or in-person, you'll learn how to support your message with the right body language, eye contact, and voice projection. Your audience will thank and remember you.

  • Unlock the secret to crafting a captivating presentation in 10 minutes or less.
  • Understand your listeners’ needs and field questions with confidence.
  • Learn how to project your voice, use eye contact, gestures, stances and movement to engage your audience.


⦁ Most comprehensive workbook and toolkit on the market
⦁ Audience assessment tools ensure your message is well received
⦁ Receive recordings of your presentations to track your progress throughout the workshop (for your eyes only)
⦁ Small group size enables one-on-one coaching and feedback
⦁ Overcome nerves and fine-tune your mannerisms for a polished delivery style

⦁ Understand and address listeners’ needs
⦁ Field questions with confidence

⦁ Determine the optimal sequence and structure of information to ensure the best reception
⦁ Create effective and appropriate visual aids
⦁ Compose the right message with little time to prepare

⦁ Overcome nerves with professional techniques
⦁ Support your message with the right body language, eye contact and voice projection
⦁ What to do when your technology fails

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