About Think on Your Feet®  

Clarity | Brevity | Impact

Good communication is fundamental to business success. All business is about relationships. Internally between stakeholders, managers, employees etc., and externally; clients and consumers. Professionals need to get their messaging correct, and get it across with clarity, brevity, and impact.

  • Clarity – because clear messaging is absolutely necessary in a world where everyone is constantly being bombarded with information.
  • Brevity – No one has any time to waste – the messaging needs to be to the point and quick.
  • Impact – Your messaging needs to be remembered in order to have influence.

Why Think On Your Feet ?

Research shows that 95 % of workplace communication is informal and impromptu. Our live, instructor-led workshop trains attendees to analyze, organize and present their ideas… fast!

Learn how to:

  • Structure ideas simply and persuasively (with little or no time to prepare)
  • Handle impromptu questions quickly and clearly
  • Simplify complex ideas and avoid information overload
  • Get to the point and be remembered!

Register for the Think on Your Feet® Workshop

  • Think on Your Feet® will empower you and your team by providing a system for analyzing, organizing, and proposing ideas and making key decisions faster and more accurately in any situation.
  • By attending the workshop, you will experience the power of communicating with no time to prepare with Clarity, Brevity and Impact.

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